Our Team

Summer Firm: KPMG
Pre-Ivey Program: MIT (Media, Information and Techniculture)

I like to discover, am motivated by impactful work, and want to broaden my scope of experiences. I thought that consulting offered this diverse exposure, with an expedited path to develop a wide toolkit of skills. I’m fascinated by corporations’ role in a sustainable society, and hope to one day help push the needle in this space. Wherever I end up, I care about having a good time with the people in my life. Otherwise, I enjoy playing sports (soccer, squash and spikeball), absorbing books and podcasts, and eating out an irresponsible amount.

Summer Firm: Accenture Strategy
Pre-Ivey Program: BMOS (Management and Organizational Studies)

Challenge, continuous learning, and a sense of community are important to me, and the world of consulting offers all three. My favourite industry to learn about is, hands down, technology. Tech flattens the world: it brings everyone closer, makes opportunities more accessible, and has so much potential to do good. I have a lot of interests, but multiculturalism tops the list. Someday I’ll take a few years off, live in different parts of the world, and truly get to know our global community.

Summer Firm: Bain
Pre-Ivey Program: Health Sciences

I have always loved learning. When I was a kid, I took every chance to learn as many things as possible, whether that was building a new LEGO kit or teaching myself the trumpet. To this day, that mentality has stuck with me. Consulting interests me because it gives constant opportunities to learn an enormous amount about various industries (and yourself!) within a short period of time. Not to mention, the teamwork and supportive culture has created a sense of camaraderie that I love. Outside of work and school, I enjoy swimming, running, photography, and reading (shoutout to my fellow Harry Potter fans). Most importantly, I am a huge social butterfly as I love meeting new people and spending quality time with friends and family.

Summer Firm: BCG
Pre-Ivey Program: Civil Engineering

Coming out of high school, I knew I loved to solve problems and I wanted to apply this to real world issues, which led me to pursue engineering. However, once at Western, my business classes were the ones I found myself enjoying the most due to the people skills necessary to succeed. In my HBA1 summer I worked in marketing and then pivoted to consulting for my HBA2 summer. Growing up in a small town, I love anything outdoors (I’m currently attempting and failing to learn to slalom water ski right now), and I’m also a board game and food enthusiast. At the moment I’m interested in the retail and consumer space but down the line I would love to explore the infrastructure space to play into my civil engineering background.

Summer Firm: Deloitte
Pre-Ivey Program: Finance & Economics

Coming to Ivey as a transfer student, I had no idea what consulting was. Yet when I heard about the opportunities that consulting presents including being a part of a team, solving complex business problems, and immersing myself in an upbeat culture, I knew it was what I wanted to pursue. Now I can actually call myself a consultant, I am constantly being challenged to grow as a professional and a person…which you just can’t beat. I am particularly interested in learning more about the financial services and sports and entertainment industry. Outside of school, I love to play hockey, cook, and support Manchester City. I hope to one day do an office transfer to Europe, or to work within a professional sports team’s internal strategy division.

Summer Firm: Scotiabank Strategy
Pre-Ivey Program: Psychology

Consulting is an industry that requires a lot of problem solving and teamwork, two things I really enjoy. My experience in the industry, through my internships so far, have been extremely rewarding and filled with continuous learning. I particularly enjoy working on technology and digital-based projects as it is a constantly changing field with lots of upcoming trends! Outside of school, I love music, listening to podcasts, advocating for equality and sewing my own clothes! One day, I would love to start my own company or develop the strategy for an ethical fashion brand.

Summer Firm: Deloitte
Pre-Ivey Program: Software Engineering

In HBA1 at Ivey, I developed a passion for my business courses in a way that I truly did not expect. I have always been interested in software engineering and the future of technology, and I was skeptical that Ivey would be a good fit for my technical-focused mentality. What I learned through not only Ivey, but human capital consulting, was the opportunity to intersect technology and business. I also realized the importance of refining your soft skills which can never be outmatched by technological disruption. On another note, I love hiking, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and travelling.  This summer, I hope to see as much of western Canada as I can while I perform my internship from Banff, and in the future would love to take a consulting position in Europe.

Summer Firm: Deloitte
Pre-Ivey Program: Software Engineering

After completing two years in engineering, my love for solving complex problems and constant learning was solidified. However, I knew the narrow focus found within engineering roles wouldn’t satisfy my interests. Therefore, I found that consulting was the perfect balance of solving complex problems while working on unique engagements in different industries. I am particularly interested in projects related to financial services and social impact. Outside of school, you can find me reading, trying new food spots in town, or on a run. One goal of mine is to design and produce my own fashion line!