Welcome to the Ivey Consulting Club 👋

We introduce Ivey Business School HBA students to the world of consulting and help kickstart their careers
The Ivey Consulting Club (ICC) helps Ivey HBA students explore, understand, and ease into consulting recruiting. We make the industry more accessible and approachable while giving members the tactical skills and resources they need to succeed. This club caters to students of all backgrounds and levels of familiarity with business and consulting.
Here's How We Do It

ICC-led Bootcamps and Skill-Building workshops provide deep-dives on what consulting is, how to navigate case prep season, how to prepare your mental math, the basics of networking and more.


ICC provides it members with the best resources. That includes 35 casebooks, Industry summaries, free access to RocketBlocks and other prep platforms, and much more. This is on top of the 250+ pages of exclusive recruiting guides and other contents that we’ve created on our own.

Firm Partnerships

We currently work with 23 firms to host events that help students get introduced to and learn about leading consultancies, expand their network, and prepare for recruiting.


The fastest way to learn is by talking to students who were just in your shoes. Our team of 76 mentors have secured internships or full-time positions at consulting firms, and volunteer their time to coffee chat and provide mock interviews for our members.


Take It From Our Members

We surveyed 126 members in December 2020. Here’s how they feel:


were introduced to or have learned about firms through ICC


connected with people they met through ICC events


accredit ICC for feeling more equipped to tackle networking, applications, and case prep
" Thank you so much ICC ex­­ec team for being so prepared and willing to help us. There is a super high standard being met with every event and resource/newsletter released."
" The membership fee has been TOTALLY worth it for the events, case prep and rocket blocks access. Being able to talk with execs who have gone through the recruiting process has also been really helpful!"
" The consulting recruiting process feels far more transparent and accessible by the way ICC has approached the workshops, panels, and firm events."
Check out our 2022-2023 year in review!
As the school year comes to a close, we’ve reflected a lot on what we’ve achieved as a club. The 2022-23 Exec is proud to show you what we’ve done as a club in ICC’s first-ever Annual Report.

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